tips saving data services

Tips Saving Using Data Services

Data service is now a requirement when communicating. Moreover, supported by the smartphone, where the application requires more data packets.

However, sometimes users often complain of wasteful data services using the data, but the user does not use it too often, especially in the post-paid data package. Therefore, users should impose limits and alerts to monitor data usage.

Here are tips to reduce data usage on Android and iOS, as reported by YahooTech.

Set Data Alert and Limits

On iPhone devices running on top of iOS 7, you can check data usage by going to Settings> Cellular, and look down Cellular Data Usage. The thing to remember is to reset the tracker at the beginning of each month.

As for Android devices, on Android devices running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android, you can check data usage and provide alerts by going to the Settings and under Wireless & Networks in Data Usage tap, and then set the mobile set limits.

Use WiFi

To reduce your smartphone data usage, it is advisable to switch to a WiFi network connection, so it can make savings on mobile data use. The trick was simple, just by pressing WiFi in the settings menu, and activate the WiFi connection.

Limit Background Data

One cause wasteful batteries can occur because the background synchronization, such as FaceBook requested update. To fix this, users can just reduce the frequency push notification, or set the application to update manually.

Changing Browser

How to reduce the other data that is to only use the mobile version of a website. Not only that, users also should avoid deleting internet cache. By keeping the cache, users do not need to download images from websites that are frequented every time you visit it.