android data trasnfer

Transferring data from PC to Android Wireless Data

What way you want to move a journey when the data from the computer to the Android smartphone? Some of you, perhaps, some use Dropbox. However, there is actually an easier way than that, namely by using artificial Push bullet Portal application.

To move the data from the computer to the Android smartphone is actually very easy. You only need to use the data cable to connect the two devices.

However, the USB cable is often left behind at home or tucked at the bottom of the bag. So you can be lazy enough to use a cable.

Another way is to use a cloud application, sort of Dropbox. You just insert the files you want to the application and Dropbox will automatically upload them to the server.

However, there is a problem if we use Dropxbox, sometimes the data packets used can be too big. Well, the portal application could be the answer to this problem.

How it works is very simple portal. Portal moving data from computer to Android smartphone with WiFi local network utilizing the same. And so, you have no need anymore for internet data transfer.

Actually, the developer does not present the technology is completely new. You can only move data from the computer to the Android smartphone without the need to use the Portal. However, there are some configuration steps on the computer that sometimes make these activities become difficult.

Portal makes the transfer of the data to be like magic. You only need to drag the data you want to move to a portal site and miraculously, the data is moved to an Android phone in an instant.

Approximately, how to use a portal like this. First, you must open a portal website that can be found in Then, from the existing Portal application on the smartphone, scan the QR code on the site’s pages.

Once the scan is complete, the computer and the phone will automatically connect to each other directly in a local WiFi network. You can directly transfer data, after the process is completed.

Data transfer from the computer to the Android smartphone can take place very quickly. The transfer of image data by 2 MB can take less than five seconds.

The developer’s own claim, Portal would remain stable despite the need to transfer hundreds of data at once. Once the data transfer is complete, you coud see the data in the Portal folder on the device.

There is one drawback that Nextren found in this application. Perhaps, since before, you are already aware that Nextren many write, the data transfer from the computer to the smartphone. Yes, it turns out this is only true data transfer from PC to mobile phones only, not vice-versa.

Moreover, he only available on Android alone, not on the iOS platform.

So, when you have to use the Portal? When you’re connected Android devices on the same WiFi with a computer and want to quickly move data between them.

Application Portal you can get in the Google Play Store without any charge or free.