Translucent Target, Sell 61 Million Xiaomi Mobile

Throughout 2014 is arguably a brilliant year for Xiaomi. In addition to its popularity soared quickly, Chinese companies have surpassed their own expectations in mobile phone sales.

Recorded Xiaomi selling more than 61 million smartphones during 2014. More than three times last year’s sales figures.

The Chinese company also recorded a total revenue of USD 12 billion during 2014, with smartphone sales rose from 18.7 million units in 2013 to 61.1 million units in 2014.

Head of Global Expansion Xiaomi Hugo Barra also pleased to announce the achievement of the company through his personal Twitter account today. “Xiaomi 2014: 61.1 million phones sold, ¥ 74,3B in revenue (nearly US $ 12B),” kicaunya. Barra also revealed that Xiaomi smartphone shipments grew 227% annually.

twitter xiaomi

It was not clear whether the figure of USD 12 billion mentioned Barra is purely of smartphone sales alone, or the entire device it sells.

Another source of industry analyst Benedict Evans said, the main income Xiaomi smartphones. That is, the average selling price of approximately USD 195 Xiaomi mobile phone.

As is known, Xiaomi also sell other devices such as tablets, TVs, set-top box and headphones. And if leaks that was circulating properly, Xiaomi reportedly also will sell a similar laptop MacBook Air.