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Twitter Add Features Video and Group Messaging

Twitter not to be outdone with Facebook and Instagram. The microblogging service now allows users to create, edit and share video directly. In addition, there is also a Group Messaging.

Previous video function on Twitter is only available to advertisers, Twitter account public figures and influencers. They can upload the video lasted 10 minutes in order to get an analysis of the follower.

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Twitter is currently offering to all Twitter users in the mobile. Added a new video function is different from the Vine, video sharing six seconds Twitter acquired in 2012.

Vine is very focused on short duration. There are so many cameras tool for the creator. Twitter for video features, more emphasis quickly and instantly share 30-second video.

Twitter does not integrate Vine to Twitter video application. But they could post the same video both Vine and Twitter accounts in the application Vine.

Just like in the Vine, to make videos Twitter, the user must select the video camera function, then hold the record button during recording and release it when it is finished.

For now, Twitter is the new video can be enjoyed by the majority of Twitter users in iOS. Twitter has promised to expand the availability, including to other platorm like Android.

In addition to the video features, as already mentioned earlier, Twitter users are now also able to send private messages to the more than 20 people at a time, with Group Messaging.