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Twitter Prepares Video Autoplay Features

Twitter is preparing to launch a new video feature. The microblogging site reportedly testing video autoplay feature which will be graced by page Home user account.

Twitter’s new service today can be enjoyed by a number of users in the United States (US). With this new service, video on Twitter could play automatically when viewed by the users.

The users who have access to this new feature is iOS device owners. They claimed to see Twitter have video autoplay feature since the beginning of this week.

Twitter is the latest step is suppose to compete with Google and Facebook. Both rivals that include companies that dominate the realm of online video.

Video autoplay itself is rated as one of the ways to simplify the user’s attention. The reason, a company or brand that posted a video ad in Twitter, no longer have to rely on the user to click on their videos.

Reports on the latest strategy Twitter has graced many reports in the realm of cyberspace. However, the company led by Dick Costolo it has yet to provide confirmation.