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Twitter, Social Networking with ugliness Highest Level

Social media does not always have a positive impact, abuse of social networking sites are believed to provide many vices for users or others. For example Twitter, 88 percent had a negative impact compared to other social media sites.

A research body in the new study states that misuse of social media sites Twitter was also recognized by the company and other executives in the company.

According to Twitter’s general counsel, Vijaya Gadde that Twitter does provide a guarantee to all its consumer and voice to voice opinions freely in his own account.

Unfortunately, users of the site using the right excessively. However, the company also disclosed has provided a feature to block the user, but it is also a common thing to do is to stop disturbing the user to follow.

The company hopes that this will help them provide a safer environment for users, and hopes to reduce the impact of cyberbullying. Moreover, the company noted in the study is that 88 percent of social sites containing cyberbullying.