Uncovering Dark World ‘Deep Web’

Speaking of the Deep Web, many people associate it as part of the internet is used as a venue to perform activities of crime, and all things that are illegal.

For some others, the Deep Web is often understood as the dark side of the web is not touched, and it requires a certain expertise to achieve it.

Although some assumptions about Deep Web is not entirely wrong, but it is only a fraction of the full understanding of the Deep Web.

Anonymity: Like the Two Sides Currency

According to the investigation results Trend Micro as outlined in the white paper titled “Below the Surface: Exploring the Deep Web ‘, anonymity becomes a major feature in the Deep Web. Many people want to use it and abuse it.

On the one hand, for people who want to fortify their communications from monitoring the government, they could take refuge in darkness darknet. Whistleblower like Edward Snowden for example, still be able to disseminate information on a large scale covert to the media without leaving any trace at all.

Often, Deep Weeb also used by the movement to be able to continue to share information about the condition and situation of their country, but trying to keep it protected from the pressure and threat of the incumbent regime.

On the other hand, anonymity also invite the criminals to commit crimes. For example, drug peddlers would not want to hold merchandise in one convenient online location tracked by law enforcement officers through their IP addresses stomp.

Similarly, they are the perpetrators of other illegal activities take advantage of anonymity to peddle their goods stolen by stealth in the realm.

DeWa Immersion Deep Web

Experts Trend Micro incorporated in the Forward-Looking Threat Research Team (FTR) until the investigation into the recesses of the rabbit hole to dig deeper information about illegal activities and what services are offered in the realm of the Deep Web.

In its action, the experts Trend Micro is supported by the system created by Trend Micro, the Deep Web Analyzer (DeWa).

DeWa themselves able to collect the entire URL that connects to the Deep Web, including sites of covert TOR and I2P, as well as identifying the source of Freenet. They seek to extract the relevant information related to the whole, such as page content, link, email address, HTTP headers, and so forth.

So far, DeWa reported to have managed to browse up to 38 million events with affiliated account at URL 576,000, with 244,000 of them contain the actual HTML content.

In addition, DeWa also equipped with features that can arouse user claimed if there are services that allegedly disguised tackle massive traffic as well as in case of a surge in the number of sites suddenly.

DeWa are particularly helpful in capturing malware family which was launched by cyber criminals who use covert services TOR to hide parts of a more permanent infrastructure.