powerbank belt

Unique, Belt with POWERBANK

POWERBANK smartphone users are increasingly required as a practical way when the rechargeable battery is exhausted. Even now, there is a belt that is equipped with POWERBANK. Like what?

powerbank belt

XOO Belt, thus its name. It seems just like a regular belt. But at the head of this belt, there POWERBANK refills for smartphones. If the battery runs out, simply pull the cord and plug to charge the battery.

“The belt is a simple solution to the problem of our day-to-day, the smartphone battery exhaustion,” said company spokesman.

The battery itself is designed flexibly with a total capacity of 2,100 mAh. Not great indeed, but claimed to be sufficient to recharge the iPhone 6 to the brim. Charging time alone in the range of 3 hours.

“It looks like a very nice belt but no battery in it. Usually POWERBANK was big and uncomfortable to use. The difference with this, simple and stylish,” said the XOO Belt again. The price itself in the range of USD 125.