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Unique Story Behind the Name Android M

There is a unique story behind the introduction of Android M in the event show Google I / O, held firm. That is because Dave Burke perform shocks on Android Wear wristwatch, so estimates of M is Milkshake name.

In a keynote speech made at the Google I / O, local time in California, DaveBurke as head of Android at Google Enginering could shake or whisk smart watches, so many people think it indicates M is Milkshake.

Realized over it, Dave immediately provide confirmation. “If the rumors are M signifies Milkshake, then it is very exaggerated,” said Dave Burke, explaining that shocks do hands because he wanted there on Android Interactive Wear is then used.

So convinced that the name initials M will remain in use, until the time comes continuation of the letters official introduction to the public.

Android M is going to be a mystery as long as Google has not been formally introduced, as well as Android L which eventually became Lollipop after officially released to the public. However, a strong indication seems Google will continue to use the name of desserts, because based on the name of the previously used version.