USB Killer

USB Flashdisk Killer It Can Kill Laptop In Instant

Unique and powerful way to undermine the newly discovered computer in Russia, namely through the flash. Not just any flash, a device invented by Russian security research institute, Dark Purple, is claimed to be capable of destroying a wide range of machines that plugged.

In a duration of 50 seconds video uploaded on YouTube, a laptop died shortly after the flash is mounted. Users also repeatedly tried to turn on the laptop, but unfortunately it seems the circuit is already damaged laptop.

How to destroy the deadly USB flash drive is a laptop by sending a 220 volt electric current through the signal path from the USB interface.

Dark Purple also claims if flashdisk was not only able to damage your PC or laptop, but also all devices equipped with USB plug drives.

This means that television, smartphones, modems, until the router is equipped with a USB drive can be damaged easily by this tool. In a statement, Dark Purple explained the goal of creating the tool with one mission, destroy the computer!

Although the video is clear that the total dead laptop, but Dark Purple say that the laptop will be used again after a faulty motherboard it replaced new.