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Use DM Twitter, the hacker claims could easily spread the botnet

Recently, a hacker named Paul Amar claims to have found an easy way to spread the botnet or spam usual disruptive server capacity using web traffic or better known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Amar claims, the spread of botnet can be controlled easily through the features of the Direct Messages (DM) which is a private messaging feature microblogging service Twitter.

Botnets can be controlled deployment and growth after the company under the leadership of Jack Dorsey that removes 140-character limit on the personal message feature. Amar revealed that using Twitter DM, the botnet can be controlled easily without using complicated software as used by hackers over the years.

Amar added that in this way the botnet can be spread to at least 100 DM Twitter in a day. According to him, this way seems easy for hackers to attack traffic to the server via the web without the need to bother watching him through the algorithm of the software is quite complicated.

Unfortunately, the findings of this Amar is not good news for you Twitter users. Because, if not careful it could have a Twitter account you will be misused for the benefit of criminals or cyber security breaker.