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Want to know how much salary boss google?

Who is not proud to be a world class company officials giants like Google. Yes talking about giants, surely you wonder how much salary a person who leads a giant corporation? Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai is now, and if you talk to a career as a CEO, how much is the salary of a CEO that houses the company for Google?

A salary Sundar Pichai has been revealed thanks to data derived from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) United States, which revealed that Pichai has a salary of $ 652,500, plus restricted stock valued at $ 99.8 million, as well as compensation reaches $ 3,000.

Even in the month of February, Google had to grant restricted shares worth $ 199 million to Pichai. That is the greatest gift that can be achieved by Google executives over the years, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The man of Indian descent have been leading the search engine company since August 2015 last. More precisely after the company announced a major reform to establish a new umbrella company called Alphabet, which houses a branch of Google and other companies.

Pichai early career began in 2004, Pichai joined Google as VP of product management, where he led the team that works on any browser and operating system Google Chrome. After that, in September 2008, Pichai overseeing the successful launch of the Chrome web browser, and less than one year later, the Chrome operating system for web-based netbooks and desktop computers.

A year later, Pichai assigned to Android after the creator and CEO of Android Andy Rubin resigned in March 2013. Several achievements Pichai has been successfully made to sit in the position of CEO of Alphabet today.