safely transact online

Want to safely transact online in Smartphone? Try this app

Security threats to mobile devices is increasing and hackers are also increasingly keen to find ways to hijack digital devices, in order to get a Bitcoin or to trick the owner of the device to provide information about personal identity as well as their bank accounts.

Although the mobile operating system provides application developers with significant security features, hackers could exploit still installed base of Android and iOS devices, using a wide variety of vectors to put malware infection.

Without the security software on the mobile device (smartphone or tablet), users are vulnerable to this threat. Therefore, Kaspersky Lab and WISeKey, a cyber security company from Switzerland, launched a cyber-edition application resilience, WISeID Kaspersky Lab Security.

This application is claimed integrate the best technologies from both cyber security company and offer communication channels and online transactions more secure and reliable by the owner of the mobile device.

WISeID application Kaspersky Lab Security cyber-resilience edition of securing personal data owners of mobile devices, such as usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and PIN access in an agenda for personal data.

This application is also able to create a reliable identity when conducting online activities, while the data itself remains protected in the cloud-based vault can be secured.

In the Kaspersky Lab Security WISeID also embedded Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK, which is a robust and proven solution to protect mobile devices from security threats.

The inclusion in this app SDK solution provides advanced security features, such as web and network protection, protection and threat detection devices in the smartphone, as well as an effective layered security for self-defense.

Another advantage that can be obtained is the application creates strong passwords, storing passwords in an encrypted vault, and synchronize data securely between computers and devices on multiple platforms, as well as the use of cloud storage secured.

Safes can only be opened by Master Password and / or a set pattern, with additional protection provided through facial recognition authentication. WISeID itself can be accessed online.