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Want to work at Apple? Check the list of interview questions here

Who doesn’t have a desire to work in companies such as Apple? As one of the prestigious companies in the world, don’t be surprised if the selection of work at Apple isn’t easy.

Just like other technology companies, Apple interviewers often ask technical matters pertaining to the workplace ago. However, there are also the questions posed confusing like a puzzle.

Curious as to what was the question? Here are some questions that are often asked for admission Apple.

1. We have a cup of hot coffee and cold milk from the refrigerator, the room temperature is between these two bodies. When will we have to mix the milk to hot coffee to get the best combination of cold? (At the beginning, in the middle or at the end). This question is usually intended for candidates positions of product design.

2. What is the weight of the Empire State Building? This statement is submitted for candidate solutions consultant.

3. How do you explain the RAM to children 5 years old? Statement for the candidate genius of Apple.

4. How does the wings of the aircraft? Questions for the candidates Lead System Engineer.

5. Give me five ways to measure how many liters of gasoline were found in a car? Questions for the candidates Hardware Engineer.

6. If you have two eggs and you want to know, from what floor you can drop an egg without shattering, how do you do it? Software Engineer for a candidate statement.

7. How you can specify the price of this pencil? Questions for the candidates Global Supply Manager.

8. Describe an interesting problem and how would you solve it? Software Engineer for a candidate statement.

9. How do you explain the function of the router / modem to children 8 years old? Questions for the candidates Home Advisor.

10. How many children are born each day? Questions for the candidates Global Supply Manager.

11. How do you test your favorite application? Questions for the candidates Software QA Engineer.

12. There are three boxes each containing apples, oranges, and one contains both boxes again. However, it has been labeled the third box does not match what is in it. Open one box, without looking into the box, take one of the fruits. By looking at the fruit, how do you fix the existing labels on the box so that in accordance with its content? Questions for the candidates Software QA engineer.

13. Whether you are an intelligent person? Questions for the candidates Build Engineer.

14. Are you a creative person? Give one thing you think is the result of your creative thinking. Questions for the candidates Software Engineering.

15. Which is more important, whether the fix customer problems or create a product that has a high user experience? Statement for Home Advisor Apple.