Watch It Can Track Lost Smartphones

Android Device Manager is a feature of Google to help users track the whereabouts of a lost smartphone or tablet. Now, this feature has been rolled into the Android OS Wear so that if the user loses the phone, they will be able to find it with the help of smart watches.

Android Wear features can be used to call the missing cell phone if a user loses their smartphone at a nearby place. However, if the loss of a smartphone in a place far away or left in the means of transportation, such as trains do not expect it will work.

If the user likes the sound activation to do is say the words “Okay, Google. Start. Find my phone” to your wrist. In addition, users can also access the touch and choose the option Find my phone from the Start menu.

Google claims Android Device Manager has successfully helped more than 30 million people to find their lost devices. With the passing of Android Device Manager on Android-based devices Wear, it is expected that users do not bother anymore to find a lost smartphone or tablet.