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What a Person’s Cell Phone Usage Says about Them

It is no surprise that adults and teenagers use their cell phone frequently. Many people cannot survive without constantly having a cell phone in their hands. They check it frequently for messages, they use it to search the Internet, and they use it to talk with their friends. A person’s cell phone usage says a lot about who they are.

For example, if a person uses their cell phone primarily for texting, it is assumed that they are a teenager. This is because teenagers send a larger amount of texts than adults. That being said, adults have been sending more and more texts, according to surveys that were done since 2009. Most adults are going to send or receive on average 10 texts today. Conversely, teenagers are going to send or receive 50 texts or more daily.

To put this in perspective, only five percent of adults are going to send or receive more than 200 text messages on a daily basis. That’s roughly 6,000 texts a month. However, up to 15 percent of teenagers are going to send or receive in excess of 200 texts every single day.

Adults who do send and receive more text messages often tend to be adults who like to talk on the phone a lot. What’s interesting about this is that just because a person is receiving or sending fewer texts does not mean that they’re talking more on the phone. Instead, in most cases, if an adult is a light texter, then they’re also going to use the phone with less frequency.

Studies have shown that just about every single cell phone user on the planet makes or receives at least one phone call every couple of days. Adults will get or make around five calls a day. What may surprise some is that men seem to make more phone calls on their cell phone than women do.

Many have found unique ways to customize their cell phone involving things ranging from adding gold plating on plastic phones to other less expensive decorative additions. The goal is to make the cell phone something that reflects the owner.

People, especially Americans, interact with their cell phones more than any other electronic device. It literally serves as an extension of who they are, their personality, and their vision for the future. Undoubtedly, as cell phone technology becomes more complicated and more user-friendly, more people, adults and teenagers, will rely heavily on their cell phones.