cloud computing

What Challenges of Cloud Computing in the Future?

Trends in cloud computing systems continue to gain in popularity place. Having introduced the last few years, cloud computing is unstoppable also face challenges in the future.

cloud computing

Many things must be prepared in the company before deciding to make cloud computing-based system. Start of infrastructure, network, to
various devices that will be used by the user.

Along with the cloud computing era, the IT world was enlivened with the trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobile work space. With the development of technology that does not stop, let alone who will be the challenge of cloud computing?

Challenges exist on whether we are able to create a cloud that can be accessed easily in any form. So the challenge is on ease of inaccessibility.

Added Krishna, cloud computing should also be able to help companies more fuel-efficient because by providing a cloud-based system will reduce the cost of managing infrastructure.

The days where IT companies only focused on managing the infrastructure because it does not reduce the cost. Let them focus on cloud services to its users.