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What Happens If The World Without Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs, they are familiar with the world of technology must be familiar with this name. Yes, he was a key figure behind the success of Apple.

Now, even though Jobs has been gone since four years ago, the name of Jobs can not be forgotten. Even Jobs is still often appear in various media headlines technology, though he had died in 2011 ago.

So much strong is the effect of Jobs? Yes, the Apple founder’s charm is difficult to compare. As a result, when the party concerned has died, his name was called everywhere. It is also to make people curious, what the world would be like if without Steve Jobs?

Apple will not exist! Yes, that’s the most likely to occur when Jobs was never born into the world. Indeed, history records that Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. But that does not mean to downplay Wozniak, Jobs’s role should be recognized more dominant in the emergence of Apple.

This can be seen in the movie ‘Jobs’, played by Ashton Kutcher, Jobs was so excited to convince Wozniak and his genius in order to establish his own company.

Just imagine, if at that time Jobs Wozniak did not know – or vice versa – that surely there would be no Apple which also means there will never be a Macintosh, iMac, iTunes, iPhone or iPad.

In the music and film industries, Jobs also has a role that is not less important. Namely through the iTunes service that is capable of revolutionizing the music industry today. Digital music brought by the iPod and his friends successfully get rid of the CD in the music business.

Jobs also one of the founders of Pixar. This is a company that was acquired Disney animation. Jobs also has held the seat of Directors Pixar. Disney and Pixar collaboration is then spawned the popular animated films such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo Cars up.

Much more true in the world of technology contributes Jobs that can not be mentioned one by one. Unfortunately, Jobs is now facing the Creator. If still alive, a figure identical to the blue jeans and sneakers was supposed to be today even 60 years old. Happy birthday, Jobs!