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What is meaning of letter “i” from the iPhone?

iPhone is one of Apple’s brand is the most recognizable. Only by remembering the word iPhone, it is definitely the terbesit in mind is Apple, a company based in Cupertino are working on the smartphone.

Apparently, calibaration calibaration, Apple store special meaning why they label the letter “i” in iPhone. Founder of Apple, SteveJobs, has a fascinating story about the philosophical meaning of the letter “i”.

The letter “i” was first sparked when Apple introduced the smart PC, the iMac in 1998.

Jobs said, the emergence of the letter “i” in iMac marks an era in which computers become a top priority for its users.

“Consumers want what they want with Apple computers, the Internet. Therefore, we think the internet is becoming an important representation for our products,” said Jobs.

Indeed, initially the letter “i” to the Internet is becoming a powerful branding for Apple products. As time went by before the iPhone launch, Jobs decided to keep using Apple products with a pin frills letter “i”.

We still use the “i” in iPhone. However, it means not only to the Internet, can be for individual, instruct (ruled), inform (inform), inspire (menginsipirasikan), and even the “i” can be a “we”

Since then, the letter “i” began to be used not only for Apple products. Software made by Apple was also overhauled its name, call it iTools, iMessage, and much more.