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WhatsApp will Have Features ‘Call via Skype’?

The presence of voice call features in WhatsApp resurfaced. The latest information says this messaging service will reportedly hold Skype provide these features.

WhatsApp As FacebookThis speculation arises from a leaked code. As quoted from Ubergizmo, Tuesday (06/01/2015), ‘Call via Skype’ mentioned will be the name of this feature.

Not many details revealed about this feature. However, based on the leaked code, features, among others, will have the function Call Mute, Call Hold, Call Back, Call me in X minutes, call back message, Call Via Skype, Call Notifications and separate screens for call logs.

Another addition, there will be a ‘Driving Mode’ in WhatsApp which is similar to the Do Not Disturb sign to tell you that you’re concentrating driving.

Leaked code matches the previously circulated photograph. As is known, the technology blog from the Netherlands, Androidworld.nl, launch a photo claimed as evidence that WhatsApp is conducting testing features halo-halo.

In the picture it is also shown that the existing voice feature of WhatsApp to connect with bluetooth, so it can be paired with accessories like earphones.

Initially, some analysts said would be a nuisance for features similar services like Skype or Line, which has a similar feature inserts. But interestingly, the leaked code WhatsApp to inform you that it took Skype.