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Why Alphabet Selected Being Name of Parent Google?

Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founded a new company as the parent of the company Google, which is Alphabet.

What is the reason they choose Alphabet as the name of his new company? Google CEO Larry Page explained that in his post on the Google blog.

“We chose the name because it means a set of alphabet letters that represent a language, one of the most important human innovation,” said Larry Page, who now serves as CEO Alphabet.

In addition, Page also explains, with the Alphabet, the company can create an index letter G as Google Search, one of its subsidiaries. Another reason is also because the Alphabet can be read with Alpha-bet (Alpha is an investment which results in the value of the benchmark).

Page emphasized that Alphabet is not intended as a consumer brand with certain products later. Alphabet, according to Page, must be an independent company and develop its own brand.

Then, what will be done by the Alphabet? Broadly speaking, Page called the Alphabet focus, among others, to work on ambitious projects Google.

In addition, the company also will encourage startups and entrepreneurs to get ahead, make investments that would be considered beneficial, making Google better, and ends improve the lives of many people as they can.