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Windows 10 Can Download Large Files Up to 6GB? This proof

The launch of a new operating system is Windows 10 from Microsoft indeed reap much success. In addition to bringing a better updates and service upgrades for free, making more and more users of Windows 10 are now the number of users touch the figure of millions of users around the world. But there is something that may not be realized by users of Windows 10.

When you activate the auto download feature on your Windows 10 operating system, the Windows device 10 will download a file of 3,5GB up to 6GB. Windows 10 to download a file of the unnoticed and may not be realized by the user, of course this can take a lot of data if users of Windows 10 using the internet data is limited.

As reported by the Trustedreviews, saying that such incident was first reported by the website Theinquirer, which revealed that one of the users of Windows 10 has a direct, in which the Windows 10 owned by 3,5GB download files up to 6GB in a hidden folder that beranama ‘ $ Windows. ~ BT ‘.

“I think Microsoft says that this is an ‘upgrade’ optional. If this is an optional upgrade that choice, why it is encouraged for so many computers where it is not desired by the user, and why the upgrade was trying to install on your Windows 10 repeatedly while boot-up? “Said one of the users of Windows 10 who experience this event.

Add from the user, unwanted downloads can meet the storage space on your Windows 10, especially for users who have a slow Internet connection can take a week to complete the download process before the end of this problem was realized by the user. Not only menguduh jumbo-sized files, every time Windows 10 is turned on, the system will try to install the update.

To respond to this, Microsoft said “We assist device that can be upgraded to Windows 10 and help provide the files required by the device when it has been upgraded to Windows 10. The” Microsoft also added, the system will install the file when all files have been ready.

Windows 10 users may want automatic updates to small changes in the software of Windows 10, but Microsoft should not assume that all customers want a new software version that can take the storage space on their perangakat.